The second installment of our edutainment videos—co-produced with Netflix and aimed at guiding the next generation of anime creators—is now available!

The new edition of Save the Cat! Goes Anime—”What Makes BEASTARS So Good?”—digs into the story structure of Season 1 of the Netflix Anime hit series BEASTARS.

BEASTARS‘ premise of herbivore and carnivore teenagers coming together in a co-ed high school to live and learn—all while fighting their primal nature and raging hormones—is a fresh take on the classic theme of “nature vs. nurture.”

We show how the premise pays off as Season 1 of BEASTARS embraces the same plot points all great stories do: the 15 Save the Cat! story beats.

The BEASTARS episode of Save the Cat! Goes Anime is now live on the Netflix Anime YouTube Channel.