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Tips and Tactics

10,000 Hours 

I love writers. And I especially enjoy helping young writers who email with the big question: When? When will I sell my first script? When will I “get on the boards”? My patient reply is always the same:  Don’t worry about that right now. Have…

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All the Way Back 

Here’s the problem you’re confronted with: Act Three isn’t gelling. There doesn’t seem to be enough oomph in your big finish, and the hero doesn’t really seem to be learning a lesson — or applying it. That big, emotional uplift you’ve wanted to put in…

Tips and Tactics

The Primal Piece 

Overheard at the place where I get my hair cut: “I think it’s about comedians. It seems okay. Then I saw that Adam Sandler is, I guess, dying or something. It looks really good.” This was a conversation about the upcoming Judd Apatow movie, Funny…