The Seattle Beats Workshop this weekend was so good it took me a day to decompress! I’m back at the ol’ Wurlitzer keyboard again today, but still reliving the glorious and entertaining moments from this past two days!

It always amazes me! Twelve writers walk in the door on Saturday morning with a few movie notions and walk out on Sunday, each with a well-defined, spine-straight 15-beat story. And the final presentation the group put on for us this past Sunday was out-of-the-ballpark great!

“All stories are about transformation”, but it always astounds me to see that transformation happen before my eyes — and in such a short time!

Congrats to one of the best groups of writers it’s been my pleasure to work with!

I’m back in Seattle in two weeks for a second workshop with a brand new group of writers and can’t wait. I’d like to again thank Aadip Desai, the President of the NW Screenwriters, for inviting me up this past spring and for getting me involved in the community there!

I also want to thank the folks at Amazon for inviting me to speak to them on Friday while I was in Seattle. I owe so much to Amazon for the success of the Cat! books and we had a great time! I even got to give away 20 of the new books and have my speech taped for future use on the Amazon site. Thanks to Maybelle and Michelle for arranging this truly delightful event!

Back here in way-too-sunny-for-October L.A. I was greeted with a reminder this a.m. of a couple of more kudos that need to be mentioned. Andy Davoli writes to tell me about his new MySpace blog and about his success with the script he brought into class this year. Raising Lazurus is a labor of love for Andy, but after a couple of workhshop weekends in the Cat! seat he worked it out and now has Chazz Palmeteri officially attached to his project. Yay Andy!

I also want to note by way of yet another success story that we will be launching the new website shortly. Part of that will have a News section to list all the success stories we have had and to give you a chance to see the many ways these writers are getting ahead. First up will be a story about writer Bob DeRosa. Bob’s managers, Christopher Pratt and Chad Marting at Elements Entertainment, have been suggesting STC! to their clients. Bob struck gold with his re-write after following the steps suggested in the book, and I couldn’t be more pleased! Here is a hint at what we will be talking about in this article Bob sent me from Variety

Also just a quick reminder: Next Tuesday. The Grove. Barnes & Noble bookstore. Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies world premiere first book signing starts at 7:30! And the Writers Store “Party ’til you Fade Out” for STC! GTTM will be next Thursday at the Westwood Blvd. headquarters starting at 7. Hope to see ALL of you there for one or both events! For further information, please contact Carol Eisner at 310-839-1400.

p.s. As I mentioned in my talk at Amazon I have an article out today on the Writer’s Store ezine called “The Moment of Clarity” an article I loved writing for the gang at Writers Store.

Here is the link: