The covers of Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies and Save the Cat! Goes to the Indies

The 100 Beat Sheet Combo 

Buy Save the Cat!® Goes to the Movies and Save the Cat!® Goes to the Indies—a $49.90 value—for only $35.95 with free shipping within the U.S.

In his best-selling book, Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies, Blake Snyder provides 50 “beat sheets” to 50 films, mostly studio-made. In Save the Cat! Goes to the Indies, Blake’s student, screenwriter and novelist Salva Rubio, applies Blake’s principles to 50 independent films.

Now you can buy both books together at this special price.

These 100 beat sheets reveal how those who came before you tackled the same challenges you are facing with the film you want to write—or the one you are currently working on.

No matter what kind of story you are telling, you can learn from the stories written by the industry’s best storytellers… from Nora Ephron to Quentin Tarantino, from Etan & Joel Coen to Spike Lee, from Charlie Kaufman to Sofia Coppola, from Paul Thomas Anderson to James Cameron, from John Hughes to William Goldman.

With the 100 beat sheets in these two books, you’ll see how “hitting the beats” creates stories that resonate the world over—and how you can follow in the footsteps of the greatest writers for the silver screen.

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